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Friday, June 30 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/30: What a stack of blessing you have piled up for those who worship you, Ready and waiting for all who run to you to escape an unkind world. Psalm 31:19 MSG; How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world. NLT2

Confess: Today I will declare the many, many blessings of God.  They are piled high.  God is soooo good & His blessings manifest daily in my life.  Watch & see what the Lord has done! - P. Rick

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Thursday, June 29 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/29: I pray only to you. Don't disappoint me. Disappoint my cruel enemies until they lie silent in their graves. Psalm 31:17 CEV; O LORD, I have called on you, so do not let me be put to shame, Let wicked people be put to shame. Let them be silent in the grave. GW

Confess: Today I declare GOD IS MY SOURCE.  I pray to Him & I am NEVER DISAPPOINTED.  He will shame & disappoint my enemies & will bless & prosper me!  Amen! - P. Rick

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Wednesday, June 28 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/28: Make your face shine on your servant; save me in your steadfast love! Psalm 31:16 ESV; Let your favor shine on your servant. In your unfailing love, rescue me. NLT2

Confess: Today I can COUNT on God’s AMAZING UNFAILING Love.  He will save me, protect me, bless me & if needed rescue me!  I live in the FAVOR OF GOD. Wow our God is an AWESOME God! - P. Rick

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Tuesday, June 27 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/27: Hour by hour I place my days in your hand, safe from the hands out to get me. Psalm 31:15 MSG; My future is in your hands. Rescue me from those who hunt me down relentlessly. NLT2

Confess: Every day & every hour 24/7 my life is SAFE in God’s hands.  He helps me & rescues me from those who relentlessly attack me!  In His HANDS everything is going to be OK!  He holds my FUTURE. Things will TURN AROUND, amen! - P. Rick

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Monday, June 26 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/26: Desperate, I throw myself on you: you are my God! Psalm 31:14 MSG; But I trust you, LORD, and I claim you as my God. CEV; But I am trusting you, O LORD, saying, “You are my God!” NLT2

Confess: Instead of being DESPERATE in my trials & trouble I’m DESPERATE in my pursuit of the Lord.  I TRUST God & will ALWAYS CLAIM Him as my God no matter what others may do! - P. Rick

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Sunday, June 25 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/25: Be kind to me, GOD— I'm in deep, deep trouble again. I've cried my eyes out; I feel hollow inside. Psalm 31:9 MSG; Have pity, LORD! I am hurting and almost blind. My whole body aches. CEV

Confess: Even if I fail & struggle again.  God is always standing close to me, helping me, rescuing me & taking care of any pain I face.  Can you say: HALLELUJAH!  What a AWESOME God we serve! - P. Rick

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Saturday, June 24 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/24: I'm leaping and singing in the circle of your love; you saw my pain, you disarmed my tormentors, Psalm 31:7 MSG; I will be glad and rejoice in your unfailing love, for you have seen my troubles, and you care about the anguish of my soul. NLT2

Confess: I’m JUMPING for JOY & staying CLOSE to God.  He sees any pain or difficulty I face & totally DISARMS the plots of the enemy.  I am soooo glad He cares when I’m struggling or suffering. - P. Rick

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Friday, June 23 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/23: I've put my life in your hands. You won't drop me, you'll never let me down. Psalm 31:5 MSG; You are faithful, and I trust you because you rescued me. CEV

Confess: No use in worrying or fretting today.  I’m in GOD’S HANDS!  He will never drop me or leave me, forsake me or let me down.  I can COUNT on Him because He is always FAITHFUL to the end! I declare I WILL BE FAITHFUL to the end! - P. Rick

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Thursday, June 22 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/22: Free me from hidden traps; I want to hide in you. Psalm 31:4 MSG; Pull me from the trap my enemies set for me, for I find protection in you alone.NLT2 

Confess: Because I TRUST in the Lord He pulls me from a trap about to spring on me, keeps me safe & protects me continually.  God You are so AWESOME!  I Thank You today! - P. Rick

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Wednesday, June 21 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/21: You are my rock and my protection. For the good of your name, lead me and guide me. Psalm 31:3 NCV; You are my rock and my fortress. For the honor of your name, lead me out of this danger. NLT2

Confess: Today I am SOLID in my FAITH in God.  I have STANDING in His presence.  He LEADS & GUIDES me every day of my life & keeps me from dangerous situations.  He is GOOD & I joyfully HONOR Him. - P. Rick

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Tuesday, June 20 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/20: Listen closely to me; rescue me quickly. Be a rock of refuge for me, a mountain fortress to save me. Psalm 31:2 HCSB; Turn your ear to listen to me; rescue me quickly. Be my rock of protection, a fortress where I will be safe. NLT2

Confess: God LISTENS to my prayers & immediately responds to SAVE me, PROTECT me & BLESS me.  I am SAFE in the strong arms of my Heavenly Father!!! - P. Rick

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Monday, June 19 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/19: I run to you, GOD; I run for dear life. Don't let me down! Take me seriously this time! Psalm 31:1 MSG; O LORD, I have come to you for protection; don’t let me be disgraced. Save me, for you do what is right. NLT2

Confess: I am SERIOUS about SERVING God & He is SERIOUS in responding to my prayers.  He protects me from anything that will bring DISGRACE & will help me ALWAYS to do what is RIGHT! - P. Rick

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Sunday, June 18 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/18: I'm about to burst with song; I can't keep quiet about you. GOD, my God, I can't thank you enough. Psalm 30:12 MSG; I will sing to you and not be silent. LORD, my God, I will praise you forever. NCV

Happy Father’s Day!

Confess: As long as I can breath I will PRAISE the LORD!  I WILL NOT be SILENT!  I will DECLARE the GLORY of the LORD & the ANSWERS found in Him!  Praising God will be my ETERNAL job.  I will CONTINUALLY give Him the GLORY! - P. Rick

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Saturday, June 17 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/17: You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, Psalm 30:11 NLT2; You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; You have put off my sackcloth and girded me with gladness, AMP

Confess: No matter what SORROW or TROUBLE comes my way God will TURN it AROUND!  Joyful PRAISE & VICTORY will be the RESULT!  He will remove the garments of SADNESS & REPLACE them with GLADNESS! - P. Rick

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Friday, June 16 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/16: I called out to you, GOD; I laid my case before you: Psalm 30:8 MSG; I called to you, LORD, and asked you to have mercy on me. NCV

Confess: I CALL on the LORD & He ANSWERS me.  His MERCY is EVERLASTING & His TRUTH, His WORD, endures to all generations!  God ANSWERS my prayers with victory & help in time of need. - P. Rick

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Thursday, June 15 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/15: Your anger lasts a little while, but your kindness lasts for a lifetime. At night we may cry, but when morning comes we will celebrate. Psalm 30:5 CEV; For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning. NLT2

Confess: God’s ANGER is SHORT lived.  But His KINDNESS, His FAVOR will last me all of my life.  Surely GOODNESS & MERCY will FOLLOW me all the days of my life! - P. Rick

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Wednesday, June 14 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/14: Your faithful people, LORD, will praise you with songs and honor your holy name. Psalm 30:4 CEV; Sing to the LORD, all you godly ones! Praise his holy name. NLT2

Confess: Today I am FAITHFUL to the LORD!  I sing & praise Him for all the great things He has done.  I am GODLY & give PRAISE to His HOLY Name! - P. Rick

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Tuesday, June 13 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/13: GOD, you pulled me out of the grave, gave me another chance at life when I was down-and-out. Psalm 30:3 MSG; You brought me up from the grave, O LORD. You kept me from falling into the pit of death. NLT2

Confess: I can TESTIFY that God does His BEST WORK when things get really bad.  He did it again & pulled me out of that dark deadly place.  He protected me & kept me from falling in that trap the enemy set for me.  Hallelujah! - P. Rick

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Monday, June 12 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/12: GOD, my God, I yelled for help and you put me together. Psalm 30:2 MSG; O LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you restored my health. NLT2

Confess: God ANSWERS my prayer, my cry for help!  He RESTORES my health & brings HEALING into my life.  He’s got it together and, as a result, I’ve got it together too! - P. Rick

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Sunday, June 11 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/11: I give you all the credit, GOD— you got me out of that mess, you didn't let my foes gloat. Psalm 30:1 MSG; I will exalt you, LORD, for you rescued me. You refused to let my enemies triumph over me. NLT2

Confess: God gets ALL the CREDIT for the GOOD things in my life.  He ultimately TURNS the mess I’m in AROUND & BRINGS glory to His Name.  I gain VICTORY over all my enemies too! - P. Rick

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Saturday, June 10 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/10: Pray that our LORD will make us strong and give us peace. Psalm 29:11 CEV; The Lord will give [unyielding and impenetrable] strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace. AMP

Confess: The LORD RELEASES His UNYIELDING & INCREDIBLE strength into my life today!  I am BLESSED with His abiding & amazing PEACE that passes all understanding!  Peace & power are flowing into my life as well. - P. Rick

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Friday, June 09 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/9: Above the floodwaters is GOD's throne from which his power flows, from which he rules the world. Psalm 29:10 MSG; The LORD rules over the floodwaters. The LORD reigns as king forever. NLT2

Confess: When the ENEMY comes in like a FLOOD God OVERRULES & releases POWER & VICTORY in my life.  God RULES & REIGNS & I place my FAITH completely in Him! - P. Rick

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Thursday, June 08 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/8: GOD's thunder tympanic, GOD's thunder symphonic. Psalm 29:4 MSG; The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is majestic. NLT2

Confess: God’s VOICE is POWERFUL & MAJESTIC.  I give VOICE to the WORD of God.  Today I will SPEAK the WORD & EXPECT results as I place my FAITH in the LORD & His incredible WAYS of turning things around!  - P. Rick

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Wednesday, June 07 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/7: Praise the LORD, you angels; praise the LORD’S glory and power.  Praise the LORD for the glory of his name; worship the LORD because he is holy. Psalm 29:1-2 NCV

Confess: Today I JOIN the ANGELS in giving God PRAISE for His incredible GLORY and unstoppable POWER.  I give Him my WORSHIP, my total loyalty and complete allegiance. I am a SERVANT of the Lord! - P. Rick

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Tuesday, June 06 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/6: Come save us and bless us. Be our shepherd and always carry us in your arms. Psalm 28:9 CEV; Save your people and bless those who are your own. Be their shepherd and carry them forever. NCV

Confess: Salvation & BLESSINGS come from the LORD.  Because the LORD is my SHEPHERD I have EVERYTHING I need.  He CARRIES me safe in His arms.  I am enveloped in His protection & love! - P. Rick

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Monday, June 05 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/5: You give strength to your people, LORD, and you save and protect your chosen ones. Psalm 28:8 CEV; The LORD is powerful; he gives victory to his chosen one. NCV

Confess: My STRENGTH & PROTECTION comes from the LORD.  I am STRONG in the Lord and FILLED with His power.  I am ANOINTED by Him & I attain VICTORY in every area of my life through Him! - P. Rick

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Sunday, June 04 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/4: You are my strong shield, and I trust you completely. You have helped me, and I will celebrate and thank you in song. Psalm 28:7 CEV; The LORD is my strength and my shield. My heart trusted him, so I received help. My heart is triumphant; I give thanks to him with my song. GW

Confess: FAITH in God is the SOURCE of my STRENGTH.  I believe God & TRUST Him completely WITH ALL MY HEART.  God ALWAYS causes me to TRIUMPHANT & gain VICTORY in every situation!  I SING & PRAISE my magnificent LORD! - P. Rick

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Saturday, June 03 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/3: Blessed be GOD— he heard me praying. Psalm 28:6 MSG; Praise the LORD! For he has heard my cry for mercy. NLT2

Confess: God HEARS & RESPONDS to my prayers.  Today I depend only on the Lord.  I RESPOND in praising & blessing His HOLY NAME!  Praise the Lord!!! - P. Rick

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Friday, June 02 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/2: I'm letting you know what I need, calling out for help And lifting my arms toward your inner sanctum. Psalm 28:2 MSG; Hear the sound of my prayer, when I cry out to you for help. I raise my hands toward your Most Holy Place. NCV

Confess: I willing let God know ALL my needs.  I pray to Him for HELP & raise my hands in surrender & praise to Him.  He will redeem my situation & TURN things AROUND! Praise God! - P. Rick

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Thursday, June 01 2023

WORD 4 Today 6/1: I pray to you, O LORD, my rock. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. For if you are silent, I might as well give up and die. Psalm 28:1 NLT2

Confess: Today I DECLARE my faith RESTS on the SOLID ROCK of God’s Word.  He always ANSWERS my prayers & will come through in the end.  I will never quit or stop serving Him!  Even if I don’t see it or fill I KNOW God is still WORKING for MY GOOD! - P. Rick

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    Always, Always, Always BE HOPEFUL!

    Always, Always, Always BE HOPEFUL!

    Faith gives SUBSTANCE to the things we hope for (Hebrews 11:1).  That is BASED on the Word of God.

    Proverbs 13:12 tell us that: Hope that is deferred, that is prolonged or delayed, makes the HEART sick.  But when the dream is fulfilled it becomes a TREE of LIFE!


    Hebrews 10:23 (NKJV) Let us hold fast the CONFESSION of our hope without wavering (seize and hold fast and retain without wavering the hope we cherish and confess and our acknowledgement of it -AMP; hold tightly to the hope -CEV; We must continue to hold firmly to our declaration of faith -GW; hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm -NLT), for He who promised is faithful.

    (MSG) Let's keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word.

    Keep CONFESSING the WORD, hold tightly the CONFESSION of your HOPE!

    Be blessed!